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BGE employees prove how great walking can be for the heart

BGE was a standout in the American Heart Association’s three-mile Greater Baltimore Heart Walk, with over 1,000 walkers and the most funds raised: $335,000.

Exelon's BGE employees came out in record numbers.

The event was the American Heart Association's three-mile Greater Baltimore Heart Walk - and the first BGE "Cause Champion" initiative, in which employees rally around a specific organization each year.

Heart disease and stroke claim the lives of more than 730,000 Americans every year. The American Heart Association is working to cut these statistics 20% by the year 2020. In an effort to raise funds and awareness, the Heart Walk brought together more than 75 company teams and members of the community, including 4,500 walkers, with BGE leading the way.

BGE fielded the biggest team - 1,000 strong - and raised the most funds, $335,000.

It was the largest volunteer event in BGE history, with hundreds of BGE walkers showing their company pride by wearing the BGE green tee-shirts. With more than 1,000 registered walkers, BGE had the largest team to participate in the three-mile walk looping around Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadiums.

Through months of events and employee outreach, the BGE team was recognized as the largest fundraiser with a contribution of $335,000. The overall walk revenue reached its goal of $1.5 million, becoming the most successful Baltimore Heart Walk to date for the American Heart Association.

"It gave me tremendous pride to see the sea of green at the walk" said Butler, who chaired the event. "Our employees are known for their commitment to their communities and their giving spirit, but this was a record event. I want to thank them for their support and generosity. Our contributions will create an immediate impact in the areas of research and development in the fight to eradicate heart disease and stroke."



Anita Jackson of BGE with Hearty, the American Heart Association mascot. Heart Walk/03 Anita Jackson.jpgAnita Jackson of BGE with Hearty, the American Heart Association mascot.
This was the most successful BGE walk team ever, raising $335,000. Heart Walk/02 BGEnon-rollup.jpgThis was the most successful BGE walk team ever, raising $335,000.
Walk participants from BGE’s legal department, because “lawyers have hearts too.” Heart Walk/04 BGE legal.jpgWalk participants from BGE’s legal department, because “lawyers have hearts too.”
02 BGE Heart Walk/02 BGE.jpg02 BGE



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