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Sustainable environmental advantages

The production of electricity and distribution of natural gas are dependent upon access to natural resources—coal, oil, natural gas, water, wind, the sun—and the land upon which the energy infrastructure is built.

Corporate Sustainability Report
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Exelon’s early commitment to responsible, low-carbon energy investment has enabled us to create advantages for our stakeholders while minimizing our impact on the environment. We have been able to meet energy needs while:

  • Maintaining the quality of our air, land and water resources
  • Minimizing our impacts on diverse species and habitats

Committed to the environment

Our commitment to the environment is integral to Exelon’s culture and corporate strategy. We understand that to be successful, we must constantly improve our environmental performance by managing our environmental impact on the air, land, water, climate and biodiversity.

  • Air. Low-emission technologies enable us to keep our generation portfolio air emission rates well below industry averages.
  • Land. We are identifying additional opportunities to reduce waste streams, increase recycling, safely manage spent nuclear fuel and properly address legacy issues.
  • Water. We continue to review water use at company facilities and to explore opportunities to use water resources more efficiently and effectively.
  • Biodiversity. We will continue to establish plans and projects to identify and protect rare, threatened and endangered species and sensitive habitats around our facilities.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

Sound governance plays an integral role in our ability to achieve progress. Exelon maintains a policy for the environment that provides direction for improving the company’s environmental performance and sets the expectations for those who work for us.  We closely monitor regulatory compliance across our sites, and seek to enhance operations through proactive initiatives. 

Sustainability Reflection and Reporting

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Beginning in 2000, Exelon engaged with Ceres to convene an independent stakeholder team with expertise in environmental, social and governance issues. The team provides extensive feedback on the adequacy of our sustainability reporting—including performance, goals, targets, systems, impacts, data and initiatives.

Global Reporting Initiative.

Exelon uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index to measure and report our economic, environmental and social performance. The GRI framework is the world's most widely used framework of internationally accepted guidelines and principles for sustainability reporting.  Exelon's Corporate Sustainability Report has been developed in conformance with the GRI G4 “core” reporting standard. 

Sustainability Recognition


Dow Jones Sustainability Index. 

For the ninth consecutive year, Exelon has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index (DJSI) in 2014. The DJSI North America index recognizes the sustainability efforts of companies that are in the leading 20% of their sector among the 600 largest North American companies.