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Improving our environmental performance

Sound governance plays an integral role in our ability to achieve progress. Exelon has established a policy for the environment that provides direction for improving the company's environmental performance and sets the expectations for the behaviors of those working for us.

Exelon’s environmental policy states, among other things, that “Exelon is committed to continually improving its environmental performance” and that we will promote a corporate culture where full compliance with environmental regulations is the minimum level of acceptable performance. By operating beyond minimum requirements in selected environmental areas and using resources more efficiently, Exelon will:

  • reduce our impact on the environment
  • conserve natural resources for future generations
  • reduce operating costs
  • improve our relationships with stakeholders
  • participate in the development of environmental public policy and regulations
  • enhance the reputation of the company
  • strengthen customer satisfaction
  • offer our employees an environmentally responsible place to build their careers

The Exelon environment policy applies to all acquired assets and operations.  As both Exelon and Constellation have traditionally maintained strong environmental policies, the merger is strengthening this commitment.

Exelon Environmental Policy [PDF, 397 KB] Our ability to serve customers, create value for investors and contribute to our employees’ and communities’ shared expectations for the future directly depends on how well we manage our interactions with the environment. We are committed to sustaining our ecosystems and natural resources through pollution prevention and continually improving our environmental performance. PDFPDFs require software like the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed properly.

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Environmental Strategy

Since 2004, Exelon has pursued an environmental strategy that builds on four fundamental elements: regulatory compliance, risk management, resource stewardship and leadership on key environmental issues.

  • Regulatory Compliance Exelon’s environmental strategy begins with a commitment to be in compliance with environmental laws and regulations 100% of the time. Our regulators, our investors, our customers, our employees and the communities where we operate expect us to meet the requirements of the law and we expect no less of ourselves.
  • Risk Management Exelon has legacy environmental issues that we must effectively manage, such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)-contaminated oil management and the clean-up of manufactured gas plant sites. We identify and address these legacy issues, while also taking action to prevent and minimize the risks that may arise from of our current operations.
  • Resource Stewardship Through more efficient use of natural resources, we also lower the cost to produce and deliver our energy products. Our in-house energy efficiency and recycling programs are examples of our efforts on this strategy component.
  • Leadership Our focus is on leading by example and contributing to the development of market-driven environmental and energy policy as it relates to clean air, climate change, renewable energy, energy management and natural resource management.

Exelon Corporation Sustainability Report [PDF, 5MB]The purpose of the Exelon Sustainability Report [Interactive Flash Version] is to provide our stakeholders with additional information regarding Exelon environmental metrics and performance annually. PDFPDFs require software like the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed properly.

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Environmental Management Program

The foundation for achieving our goal of going beyond compliance is the Exelon Environment Policy, a core set of principles that guide our decision-making. To execute this policy, we have established an environmental management program or system (EMS) that assigns roles and responsibilities at each level of our organization. The EMS is an integral part of the Exelon Management Model, the framework for the way we do business at Exelon.

Governance and Oversight

As part of this environmental function, oversight committees of the Board of Directors annually review the environmental performance of each business. While President and CEO Chris Crane is ultimately responsible for setting our annual environmental performance goals, operational accountability is assigned to the heads of the operating Business Units (Exelon Generation, Constellation, BGE, ComEd and PECO). Chris Gould, Exelon's Senior Vice President Corporate Strategy and Chief Sustainability Officer, has responsibility for oversight of our environment policy, strategy and programs. 


Exelon’s EMS is based on the international standard ISO 14001:2004. This recognized international standard specifies requirements for an EMS to enable an organization to develop and implement a program for effective management of environmental performance. Nearly 98 percent of Exelon’s operations have established ISO-14001-conformant EMSs and nearly 50 percent have been independently certified by NSF International Strategic Registrations as conforming to the ISO-14001 standard.

The certifications ensure that the site employees are fully aware of the environmental impact of their operations and that they have a comprehensive understanding of the importance of compliance to all environmental regulations. It also shows that the personnel have been successfully trained in all aspects of their site’s Environmental Management System.

Audit Program

Exelon implements an Audit Program to evaluate compliance and to identify improvement opportunities in the areas of environment, health and safety. Exelon annually engages a certified external audit firm to provide an independent review of compliance with regulatory requirements in program areas, such as water, air, waste, industrial hygiene, safety, pollution prevention and Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know (EPCRA). 

As an additional means of compliance evaluation, Exelon regularly conducts self-assessments, inspections and additional performance monitoring on its own.

Corporate Sustainability Report
Download | PDF 5MB
Community Involvement
Exelon has a strong tradition of community involvement. Our efforts focus on promoting environmental education, conservation and preservation, developing cleaner sources of energy, protecting endangered species and beautifying neighborhoods.
Consistent Accountability
As a function of governance, Exelon tracks a number of environmental performance metrics that are reviewed by senior management on a quarterly basis. We hold ourselves to a goal of 100% compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We strive to go beyond compliance to deliver superior value for our customers, employees, investors and the communities we serve.
Corporate Policy