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We're providing energy today, and protecting the environment for tomorrow.

At Exelon, our commitment to the environment is integral to meeting our customers' expectations and achieving our corporate strategy. Since its inception, Exelon has focused on the business value of reducing its impact on the environment, better meeting the needs of our customers, employees and the communities we serve.

Exelon 2020 Achievement

Learn more about how we met our industry-leading business and environmental goal.

Exelon 2020 Achievement Summary


Our values include the following environmental commitments:

We actively pursue excellence

We are driven to excel. Recognizing the value of constant improvement, we reach beyond compliance to advance our processes and develop more clean and efficient energy. In all we do, we passionately exceed the standards of our industry--and those we set for ourselves--to create value for our shareholders, customers and communities.

  • We diligently manage our interactions with the environment, including the air, land and water we use, while taking action to preserve, protect and restore the bio-diverse habitats in which we operate. 
  • We seek to ensure a reliable and resilient power supply, especially in the face of greater changes in weather patterns in recent years.
  • Sound governance plays an integral role in our ability to achieve results, provides direction for improving the company's environmental performance, and helps us set expectations for those with whom we work.

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We innovate to better serve our customers.

We see every challenge as an opportunity to exercise our ingenuity and curiosity to develop better ways of delivering clean energy. We innovate with focus and intent, creating the solutions that matter most for our customers.

  • Smart Meters. All three of our utilities are implementing smart meter programs to help customers conserve energy, save money, and make smarter energy choices. Smart meters provide increased access to energy usage and cost information, additional energy management product and service programs and more efficient outage management.
  • At Home Energy Efficiency Programs. Through the ComEd and PECO Smart Ideas programs and BGE Smart Energy Savers program, our utilites' home energy audits have helped customers save almost 10 million MWh of energy from 2010 through 2012.
  • Energy Efficiency Programs in Competitive Markets. Through Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy program, commercial and industrial customers in competitive electricity markets are provided the ability to bundle energy saving measures — such as energy-efficient lighting, building-automation controls and HVAC upgrades — with their electric supply purchases.

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We are committed to doing what’s right and we actively look for ways to engage and give back to our communities. Therefore, we work to reduce our impact on the environment with future generations in mind.

  • Since 2009, Exelon has engaged with Ceres to convene an independent stakeholder team comprising of individuals with broad expertise in environmental, social and governance issues to provided extensive feedback on the adequacy of our sustainability reporting.
  • In consultation with the World Resources Institute, we have undertaken a water stress analysis for our generation fleet. We are also developing tools to predict near- and long-term fluctuations of our water resources due to potential weather pattern changes, including those linked to climatic change, increased population density and upstream use.
  • For the ninth consecutive year, Exelon has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index (DJSI).
  • In 2014, Exelon was named to CDP’s S&P 500 Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI), marking the fifth time that CDP has recognized Exelon in this category. Exelon is one of four S&P 500 utility companies to appear on the list, which recognizes companies demonstrating a high level of transparency and data quality in their disclosure of climate-related information.
  • Exelon Corporation was also named to the 2012 CPA-Zicklin Index of Corporate Political Accountability & Disclosure as a corporate leader for disclosure and accountability.
  • Exelon ranked second among U.S. utilities in the Newsweek Magazine “2014 Green Rankings".

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Corporate Sustainability Report
Download | PDF 5MB
Leadership Commitment
The charter for the Governance Committee of the Exelon Board of Directors includes the responsibility for overseeing Exelon’s environmental policies and practices, which includes climate change and sustainability.
Our focus on Climate Change:
Why Us? Why Now?
While society continues to debate climate change, our conviction remains clear - climate change is real and our industrial world is a significant contributing factor.  Exelon focuses on the reduction of carbon emissions because we hold an influential role as an electricity generator and distributor in seeing this industry through to a sustainable future.
How are we responding to environmental concerns?