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Largest electric and natural gas utility in Pennsylvania

PECO, an energy delivery subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, is headquartered in Philadelphia.   PECO is the largest electric and natural gas utility in Pennsylvania, serving approximately 1.6 million electric customers and more than 500,000 natural gas customers in southeastern Pennsylvania.

PECO’s service territory includes Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia and parts of York and Lancaster counties.

Quick Facts
  • Service Area: 2,100 square miles
  • Customers: 1.6 million electric; more than 500,000 natural gas
  • Employees: 2,400
  • Substations: 450
  • Distribution & Transmission Power Lines: More than 23,000 miles

With a history of more than 100 years of service to the Greater Philadelphia region, PECO has a long-standing commitment to a culture of excellence.  PECO’s safety performance is ranked among utilities as one of the best in the nation and the company has been widely recognized for its community service, economic development and operational and environmental efforts.

Investments in Reliability

Since 2006, PECO has invested more than $2.5 billion in its electric and natural gas systems.  This includes maintenance, system performance and capacity expansion projects, all which produce jobs and put dollars back into the local economy.

  • Infrastructure. This year PECO will invest about $440 million in continued modernization and growth of its natural gas, electric distribution and transmission systems.
  • New Technology. PECO’s $650 million technology initiative is one of the largest investments in the company’s more than 100 year history.  This technology will help PECO more efficiently operate its system and provide future new products and services to its customers. Work is underway to install new metering technology for all 1.6 million electric customers

Performance and Service

  • Safety Recognition. PECO has been recognized as Pennsylvania’s safest utility by the state Department of Labor & Industry and has received related awards from the Energy Association of Pennsylvania and the American Gas Association.
  • Reliable Delivery.  In 2013, PECO achieved its best year on record for electric service and natural gas reliability. PECO customers experienced the fewest number of electric outages in the company’s history, surpassing the previous record set in 2012.  With comprehensive system maintenance, technology upgrades and other distribution system improvements, the company works to minimize outages and reduce the duration of service interruptions when they occur.


Safety is a core value of all Exelon companies. PECO emphasizes safety through programs for its employees, contractors, customers and the communities it serves.  PECO also maintains emergency-response and storm-readiness plans that are tested with multiple drills throughout each year.

Environmental Commitment

PECO contributes to the goals of Exelon 2020, through initiatives to green its operations and by helping customers reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Greening Operations.  PECO's multi-year LEED® certification process for 10 of its largest buildings has yielded a savings of 12%.  Some of these facilities have reduced electricity and gas usage by 50% and water usage by 40%.  PECO continues to pursue energy efficiency improvements and LEED
  • Customer Programs.  PECO launched a suite of energy efficiency and demand response programs in 2008, called PECO Smart Ideas, to help our residential, business, government and non-profit customers save energy and money.  Since launching, these programs have helped PECO customers save more than $268 million by reducing their energy usage by 1.2 billion kilowatt hours.  That’s equivalent to taking more than 111,000 cars off the road, planting nearly 1.3 million trees, or not driving 1.3 billion miles. 
  • Environmental Leadership. PECO is spending $15.3 million over five years to protect and preserve all things green – from changing over to an environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles to distributing community grants to conserve and create green spaces. The company also educate teachers about energy and the environment so that they can transfer that learning to our youth, recycle thousands of tons of paper, metal and plastic annually and work to maximize the energy efficiency of our daily operations.


PECO's Crownlights at the Philadelphia Headquarters

PECO's Crown Lights

The PECO Crown Lights atop the Main Office Building headquarters were updated with the installation of 2 million energy-efficient LEDs (light-emitting diodes) with color capacity--a 40% energy savings.

Community Giving

The company has been widely recognized for its community service, economic development, and environmental efforts.

  • Sponsorships. Ingrained in PECO’s culture is a commitment to support organizations, institutions, and events that promote and enhance the quality of life for its customers and communities.  PECO sponsors numerous events throughout the year.  
  • Grants. Celebrating the vitality of our region means complementing our charitable giving with energy and enthusiasm. It is with this spirit that PECO supports all aspects of the communities it serves by directing funding to organizations working to improve our schools, our environment, and our cultural institutions.  In 2013, PECO was once again one of the Greater Philadelphia region's most active corporate citizens, providing about $5 million in grant support to numerous educational, environmental, arts and culture and community development organizations. Company employees volunteer thousands of hours of time and talent each year as board members and volunteers in their communities.  
    valued at more than $5.0 million.

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