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Veh Svc & Dmg CoordVeh Svc & Dmg CoordFalseFalse210279,<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"><br>At Exelon, we've got a place for you! <br><br>Join the nation's leading competitive energy provider, with one of the largest electricity generation portfolios and retail customer bases in the country. You will be part of a family of companies that strives for the highest standards of power generation, competitive energy sales, and energy delivery. Our team of outstanding professionals is focused on performance, thought leadership, innovation, and the power of ideas that come from a diverse and inclusive workforce. <br><br>Exelon will provide you the tools and resources you need to design, build and enhance a successful career. We are also dedicated to motivating the success of our employees through competitive base salary, incentives, and health and retirement benefits. <br><br>Join Exelon and share your passion at a forward-thinking Fortune 100 company. Establish yourself in a place where you can truly shine and create a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. Energize your career at Exelon!</p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p><br><ul><br><li>This position must be able to work storm and any Fleet emergency that should arise.   </li><br><li>This position is also required to serve on Fleet's rotating on-call list.   Must be proficient with Microsoft Office; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. </li><br><li>This is a Union represented position.   </li><br><li>This position may perform other job-related duties as determined by the supervisor or work leader.   </li><br><li>This position manages and coordinates the daily moves of BGE vehicles from various Fleet shop locations and/or vendor repair locations as needed to ensure BGE vehicles are scheduled for repairs and returned to our internal customers in a timely manner. <br></li></ul><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> PRIMARY DUTIES AND ACCOUNTABILITIES<br><br>- Monitors compliance of daily shop safety regarding personnel work procedures and proper use of shop equipment. <br><br>- Monitors and administers the Shop Safety and all Environmental Reports for required safety checks, comments and filing. <br><br>- Performs necessary follow- ups to ensure proper safety and environmental compliance. <br><br>- Oversees and monitors all In - House vendors for safety and environmental compliance, as well as being responsible for the procurement of paint materials, usage and disposal of related hazardous materials. <br><br>- Assists the Lead - Man with contacting operating departments to facilitate vehicle and equipment maintenance and scheduling. <br><br>- Assists the Supervisor in the preparation of cost estimates and budget preparation. <br><br>- Creates work orders in Fleet Anywhere fleet maintenance system and inputs all prescribed tasks, labor and comments. <br><br>- Monitors the mechanic and vendor work for quality, cost and timeliness, including the ordering and delivery of parts. <br><br>- Reviews and verifies costs and posts vendor charges on all work orders to ensure proper billing and payment to vendor. <br><br>- Enters appropriate comments on all mechanic and vendor work for customer reference and billing. <br><br>- Performs some new vehicle make ready and prepares some old vehicles for surplus, along with performing other minor automotive and body repairs. <br><br>- Communicates with Legal and Accounting to secure appropriate accounts to capture information regarding all vehicular accidents for proper billing and filing. <br><br>- Prepares damage reports and photos associated with vehicular accidents. <br><br>- Reviews and analyzes cost of parts and job related materials and recommends changes or corrections for a more cost-effective operation. <br><br>- Utilizes various computerized maintenance management and parts systems to facilitate the completion of assigned work. <br><br>- Performs quality assurance spot checks and road tests to ensure customer satisfaction and timely completion of jobs. <br><br>- Performs required clerical work such as preparing work orders, time sheets, inspection forms, and periodic reports. <br><br>- May perform other job-related duties as assigned. <br><br>- Communicates Company policies and practices regarding safety and environmental records, processes and procedures. <br><br>- Monitors accident prevention and occupational health work procedures and regulations. <br><br>- Ensures safekeeping of materials, tools and equipment. <br><br>- Monitors quality, and timeliness of work recorded and performed in Fleet Anywhere. <br><br>- Assists the work leader and supervisor in the preparation of Job Proficiency Statements. <br><br>POSITION SPECIFICATIONS<br><br>Minimum: <br><br>- Must have knowledge of Maryland State Inspection procedures<br><br>- Demonstrated ability to interpret parts interchange and specification books. <br><br>- Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively. <br><br>- Ability to monitor work of others, input and retrieve computer data, keep records, and perform associated paperwork. <br><br>- Ability to meet Company driving standards, including a valid drivers license<br><br>- Four years experience in automotive construction and auxiliary equipment maintenance on a complete line of vehicles<br></p>