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Sr Supvr Customer ServiceSr Supvr Customer ServiceGP0|#0c230d92-2f22-4a03-9778-7164c49b5a0a L0|#00c230d92-2f22-4a03-9778-7164c49b5a0a|PECO GTSet|#bb697efb-4d63-4298-b4d0-ab279caf3fe8GP0|#c7eef0c2-555c-4def-9085-87b04f9f858b L0|#0c7eef0c2-555c-4def-9085-87b04f9f858b|PECO headquarters in Philadelphia GTSet|#e70f62ad-35ba-4371-ba87-92cfd51534bf GPP|#1b639f21-edff-47d9-a4b6-513f021f4bbcFalseFalseGP0|#ff7f185d-75ab-4d6c-8df6-c3ffb4079f41 L0|#0ff7f185d-75ab-4d6c-8df6-c3ffb4079f41|Customer Service GTSet|#7712b39a-721e-4406-b3c9-bfbaaf3b9a98209054,<br><br><div id="textContent" class="readOnlyFrame"><br><p class="MsoNormal" style="MARGIN:0in 0in 10pt;">At Exelon, we've got a place for you! <br><br>Join the nation's leading competitive energy provider, with one of the largest electricity generation portfolios and retail customer bases in the country. You will be part of a family of companies that strives for the highest standards of power generation, competitive energy sales, and energy delivery. Our team of outstanding professionals is focused on performance, thought leadership, innovation, and the power of ideas that come from a diverse and inclusive workforce. <br><br>Exelon will provide you the tools and resources you need to design, build and enhance a successful career. We are also dedicated to motivating the success of our employees through competitive base salary, incentives, and health and retirement benefits. <br><br>Join Exelon and share your passion at a forward-thinking Fortune 150 company. Establish yourself in a place where you can truly shine and create a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. Energize your career at Exelon!<br><br>PRIMARY PURPOSE OF POSITION<br><br><font face=""arial", "sans-serif"">Plan, direct and monitor the activities of Customer Services bargaining unit or non-exempt line employees during the overnight and weekend shifts. Maintain and deliver optimum quality of service to customers, and maximize employee productivity. Implement standards and programs to improve processes and increase customer satisfaction. </font></p><br><p class="MsoNormal" style="MARGIN:0in 0in 10pt;"><font face=""arial", "sans-serif"">Position may be required to work extended hours, including 24 x 7 coverage during storms or other energy delivery emergencies. Position will supervise overnight and weekend shifts. </font><br><br> PRIMARY DUTIES AND ACCOUNTABILITIES<br><br>Accountability<br><br>- Direct bargaining unit or non-exempt line employees in day-to-day activities. Coordinate and evaluate scheduling of work within the area. Schedule overtime when required. Develop scheduling process to create efficient processing of workload among employees. Review and approve daily reports on expenditures (e. g. daily time sheets). ; 35%<br><br>- Evaluate employee performance and develop programs / meetings to enhance employee' s job skills and motivate employee towards department goals. Develop working relationships with union to reduce union / management misunderstandings and resolve labor / management disputes / grievances. ; 25%<br><br>- Design, implement, and monitor identified process/procedural improvements. ; 10%<br><br>- Interface with other business units to ensure timely completion of work and identified process/procedural improvements. Manage, direct and supervise the servicing of customer special needs; 10%<br><br>- Establish and maintain a safe work environment for subordinates within the department; 10%<br><br>- Mentor and provide guidance to lower level and less experienced supervisors of bargaining unit or non-exempt line employees within the department; 10%<br><br>POSITION SPECIFICATIONS<br><br>Minimum: <br><br>-5-8 years internal utility company experience (e. g. , ComEd, PECO), or equivalent external experience<br><br>-4 or more years internal supervisory experience (e. g. , ComEd, PECO, BSC, ExGen), or receive acceptable rating on Supervisory Assessment<br><br>-in-depth knowledge of collective bargaining agreements (CBA) and related procedures, policies and processes<br><br>-advanced understanding of applicable systems and technology (e. g. , customer information system, electronic hand-held meter reading equipment, etc. )<br><br>-demonstrated computer literacy<br><br>-strong written and oral communication skills<br>Preferred: <br><br>- Bachelors degree<br></p></div>