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Relay Tester 3/C SCD NERCRelay Tester 3/C SCD NERCFalseFalse212711, direct supervision regularly and customarily performs the less complicated work on relays and other electrical control and protective equipment in distribution systems and substations. This includes such work as the following illustrative duties, together with other related and incidental work:  <br><div><br><ul><br><li>Installs, tests, maintains, and repairs protective relays, and test equipment as well as control, regulating, and other electric/electronic equipment.  </li><br><li>Assists Relay Technician and Relay Testers of higher grade in the performance of their duties.  </li><br><li>Performs field work for which qualified.  </li><br><li>Takes training to qualify for Relay Tester, Second Class. Also performs job duties of Relay Tester, Second Class, as part of on-the-job training and to demonstrate skill competency.   </li><br><li>Operates automotive equipment with valid license(s) and all required construction equipment.  </li><br><li>Performs related clerical work. In addition to the above and other related work of similar grade, a Relay Tester, Third Class, will be assigned to any other work of equal or lesser skill within the capabilities of the individual, to meet emergencies or other operating needs. </li></ul></div>