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Matl Handler/Driver (2nd shift)Matl Handler/Driver (2nd shift)GP0|#aa44376b-9a99-4066-9106-bf93fb672930 L0|#0aa44376b-9a99-4066-9106-bf93fb672930|BGE GTSet|#bb697efb-4d63-4298-b4d0-ab279caf3fe8GP0|#d94de7ff-b8cf-45ff-bcdf-4b55c30b4b29 L0|#0d94de7ff-b8cf-45ff-bcdf-4b55c30b4b29|BGE Facility GTSet|#e70f62ad-35ba-4371-ba87-92cfd51534bf GPP|#1b639f21-edff-47d9-a4b6-513f021f4bbcFalseFalseGP0|#08431520-c992-4298-82bf-b316bc9ab056 L0|#008431520-c992-4298-82bf-b316bc9ab056|Logistics/Supply Chain GTSet|#7712b39a-721e-4406-b3c9-bfbaaf3b9a98209621,<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> PRIMARY DUTIES AND ACCOUNTABILITIES </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Interprets computer-generated sequenced picking, packing and container-preparation lists to pick, pack and load all material orders; verifies orders for completeness.   </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Operates a variety of material handling equipment such as tri-loader, order-selector, forklift trucks, and routinely works from a moving platform to pick materials from heights up to 20 ft.   </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Receives and inspects materials received from vendors and returned from the system.   Issues test reports and prepares samples for testing.   Determines if materials are to be returned to stock or held for sale or scrap.   Stores materials in designated areas, observing activity/size storage concepts.   Packs and ships materials being returned to vendors.   Accumulates, packs and ships materials for resale, repair or service exchange.   Accumulates, packs and ships all scrap material.   </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Restocks bins from bulk storage.   Picks, packs and loads all emergency orders.   Stores and ships hazardous materials.   Assures that proper sealable containers are utilized when necessary.   Moves material to appropriate storage area.   Makes periodic inspections for leakage.   Inspects equipment being used.   </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Prepares "Daily Inspection Card" or "Daily Operator Check-Off List" from OSHA.   Changes, waters, and charges electrical mobile equipment batteries to assure proper operation.   Maintains security and safe work practices in assigned areas.   </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Drives any type of tractor trailer and operates tractor-mounted hydraulic cranes.   Hauls loads which may require special permits and handling.   Drives all types of Company vehicles.   Transports hazardous materials and wastes.   Assures appropriate labeling and packaging of hazardous materials as required by law.   Operates cranes and other auxiliary equipment such as expandable trailers, lift gates, winches and hoists when delivering pipe, poles, transformers, lumber and other heavy materials.   Performs substitute assignments such as crane operator, as required for relief and training.   Inspects vehicles and equipment being used.   Fills out vehicle and equipment daily inspection forms in accordance with federal motor carrier safety regulations.   </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Assists warehouse personnel in handling loading/unloading material for retail, job site and wholesale delivery and/or pick up as required.   Transport all sizes of poles and pole trailers and heavy equipment on lo-bed vehicles.   Trains others. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Note:  Candidates for this job must be able to obtain certification for designated hazardous substance hauling.    May load and deliver materials to Plant drop points and replenish "free stock" bins.   May be required to work at other storerooms.   Subject to exposure to inclement weather. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Subject to emergency call-in and mandatory overtime. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"><br>Hours: 2:30PM-11:00PM and must have a Class A CDL</p>