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InternInternFalseFalse210792,<table class="formView" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0"><br><tbody><br><tr class="formRow"><br><td class="formLabel"><label id="Field_REQ_DESCRIPTION_329_label" class="wgt-Label">Job Purpose:</label></td><br><td class="formValue" colspan="4"><span id="Field_REQ_DESCRIPTION_329" class="wgt-TextWidget PopupAutoCommit wgt-input htmlStyle">The Internship Program provides hands-on experience acquired through on-the-job training. The program offers an opportunity for students to work in a corporate environment, gain valuable knowledge, and enhance communication and interpersonal skills. <br><br>Internships will include areas of interest in Customer Care, Engineering, Finance and Technology. <br><br>Pepco Holdings promotes professional development along with an educational and motivating job experience. </span></td></tr><br><tr><br><td> </td></tr><br><tr class="formRow"><br><td class="formLabel"><label id="Field_FLD_REQ_PREV_APPROVED_REQS_1270_label" class="wgt-Label">Previously Approved Posting Requirements:</label></td><br><td class="formValue" colspan="4"><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"><span id="Field_FLD_REQ_PREV_APPROVED_REQS_1270" class="wgt-TextWidget PopupAutoCommit wgt-input htmlStyle">Required:<br><br>Must be currently enrolled in High School or College<br>Must be able to work a 40 hour work week Monday thru Friday during the summer. <br>Must have a 2. 8 GPA or above. <br>Parental Consent Form required for Interns under 18. <br>Experience demonstrating skill communicating with others, both orally and in writing. <br>Experience demonstrating skill using PC-based word processing, spreadsheet, and e-mail software. <br>Ability and willingness to input data into the computer for extended periods of time. <br>Ability and willingness to work in a team environment. <br>Ability and willingness to support multiple managers/staff members. <br>Must successfully pass a Criminal History Background Check <br>Must successfully pass a drug test<br><br>Preferred: </span></p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"><span class="wgt-TextWidget PopupAutoCommit wgt-input htmlStyle">Rising Junior or Senior<br>Cumulative GPA of 3. 0 or above on a 4. 0 scale. <br>Participation in honors programs or other extra-curricula activities<br>Students participating in STEM programs. </span></p></td></tr></tbody></table>