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Gas System Oper Gr DGas System Oper Gr DFalseFalse209119,<table class="formView FCK__ShowTableBorders" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0"><br><tbody><br><tr class="formRow"><br><td class="formLabel"><label id="Field_REQ_DESCRIPTION_329_label" class="wgt-Label">Job Purpose:</label></td><br><td class="formValue" colspan="4"><span id="Field_REQ_DESCRIPTION_329" class="wgt-TextWidget PopupAutoCommit wgt-input htmlStyle">Under limited supervision, is responsible for the continuity of gas service and fulfilling conract obligations with suppliers including natural gas pipeline companies and customers. <br><br>Responsible for maintaining adequate pressures at all points on the system which may include ordering changes in:<br><br>1) Regulator settings<br>2) Operation of compressors<br>3) Operation of standby equipment<br>4) Line valve positions<br>5) Customer consumption rates<br><br><br>1. Be responsible for maintaining records of gas characteristics such as heating value, specific gravity and odorant level and reporting promptly any changes from normal standards. <br>2. Be responsible for the quantity, heating value, specific gravity, odor and type of peak shaving to be performed. <br>3. Be responsible for the operation of all gas lines and issues the necessary orders for removing lines from and restoring them to service. <br>4. In an emergency or in the absence of first level supervision, assumes all duties of such supervision. <br>5. Record readings, log information, compile reports, estimate loads, make load studies and perform other clerical work connected with the operation of the gas system. <br>6. Receive, record and direct into proper channels for rectification complaints and reports of trouble and service calls. <br>7. Instruct or assist in the instruction of others who are assigned to the gas system dispatch office in the duties and operations of the job. <br>8. Perform other related or less skilled work as required or directed. </span><input id="Field_REQ_DESCRIPTION_329_value" class="wgt-HiddenField dontDisplay" type="hidden" /></td></tr><br><tr><br><td> </td></tr><br><tr class="formRow"><br><td class="formLabel"><label id="Field_FLD_REQ_PREV_APPROVED_REQS_1270_label" class="wgt-Label">Previously Approved Posting Requirements:</label></td><br><td class="formValue" colspan="4"><span id="Field_FLD_REQ_PREV_APPROVED_REQS_1270" class="wgt-TextWidget PopupAutoCommit wgt-input htmlStyle">Qualifications:<br>� Good physical condition including eyesight and hearing<br>� Emotionally steady<br>� High School Graduate<br>� College or technical training desirable<br>� Legible handwriting<br>� Minimum of eighteen (18) months satisfactory employment with DP&L Company. <br>� Good telephone voice and manner<br>� Ability to adjust to rapidly changing conditions<br>� Good personality<br>� Ability to get along well with all types of individuals<br>� Ability to learn quickly<br><br>Note: Employee must pass progression tests when developed. <br><br>Note: All Gas System Operator classifications are senior classifications. The number of Gas System Operators in all grades and the number in any grade are at the option of the Company. Upgrading of a Gas System Operator to a higher grade does not constitute a vacancy in the lower grade. <br><br>Application for Grade D Gas System Operator may be made by any employee of the Northern Division of the Delmarva Power & Light Company. Eligibility and selection is to be based solely upon the Company�s appraisal of the applicant�s proficiency, aptitude and fitness. This appraisal to be based on results of qualification test and written, oral, and aptitude tests. Because of the extensive training necessary, the probationary period for this job shall be twelve (12) months. <br><br>NOTE 2: An employee selected as a Gas System Operator trainee shall be paid rate of former classification for the first six (6) months. At the completion of this period, classification is to be changed to Gas System Operator Gr. D. <br><br>The rate of pay for the 6-month period as Gas System Operator Gr. D shall be the scheduled rate for Gas System Operator Gr. D or the Trainee�s present rate, whichever is the greater. <br><br>After twelve (12) months in Gr. C eligible for promotion to Gr. B and after eighteen (18) months in Gr. B eligible for promotion to Gr. A. Promotions to all grades based solely upon demonstration of ability and fitness. </span></td></tr></tbody></table>