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Gas Distribution Mech ApprenticeGas Distribution Mech ApprenticeGP0|#0c230d92-2f22-4a03-9778-7164c49b5a0a L0|#00c230d92-2f22-4a03-9778-7164c49b5a0a|PECO GTSet|#bb697efb-4d63-4298-b4d0-ab279caf3fe8GP0|#361518cf-dc3a-4124-9d3a-bd0efcaa92de L0|#0361518cf-dc3a-4124-9d3a-bd0efcaa92de|PECO Regional Office GTSet|#e70f62ad-35ba-4371-ba87-92cfd51534bf GPP|#1b639f21-edff-47d9-a4b6-513f021f4bbcFalseFalseGP0|#1723550f-8d08-432e-b2a9-e9e31fe6bf0b L0|#01723550f-8d08-432e-b2a9-e9e31fe6bf0b|Mechanic GTSet|#7712b39a-721e-4406-b3c9-bfbaaf3b9a98207789,<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"><span style=""><font face=""arial", "sans-serif""><strong><u>Primary Purpose of Position:</u></strong> <br>Performs the functions necessary for the construction, maintenance and operation of low, medium and high pressure gas distribution system in accordance with the gas construction standards using hand and power tools and the necessary equipment required to do the task. </font></span><font face=""arial", "sans-serif""> <br><br><span style=""><font color="red">PLEASE NOTE: Positions will be located at various service buildings in the Bucks, Montgomery Delaware and Chester County Regions. </font></span><br><br><span style=""><strong><u>Position Requirements:</u></strong> <br>1. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent<br>2. Must have valid driver's license, meet Exelon's Driving criteria, and ability to meet and maintain the CDL requirements. <br>3. Ability to pass all the medical examinations: Respirator, CDL and physicals. <br>4. Ability to pass Aptitude test. <br>5. Good mechanical skills. <br>6. Good oral and written communication skills. <br>7. Able to work shift work. <br>8. Must be able to respond to off hour/emergency calls. <br>9. Ability to work in stressful situations. <br>10. Respirator fit test qualifications and safe weight requirements maintained. <br>11. Ability to work in and adapt to adverse weather conditions. <br>12. Ability to work without supervision and/or with others. <br>13. Ability to resolve complex problems. </span></font></p>