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Customer ConsultantCustomer ConsultantFalseFalse207716,<div id="textContent" class="readOnlyFrame">This is an exciting opportunity to work for PECO in the downtown Philadelphia main office building. This is a full time regular Customer Service Representative position. <br><br>As a regular Full-Time Customer Service Representative your job responsibilities will be to provide the best possible service to PECO electric and gas customers. You will perform a variety of duties such as:<br><br>Receiving and answering customer's inquiries, furnishing and obtaining information in connection with service orders, electric and gas emergencies, service changes and other customer requests. <br><br><br>Schedule<br>-This is a regular Full-Time position<br>-You must be available to work core business hours Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and/or Emergency hours 24hours/7days<br>-Hours to address Holidays and emergency response needs may be required<br>-Schedules may vary weekly, and change within (48) hours based on business needs<br></div>