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Candidate Nuclear Equip OperCandidate Nuclear Equip OperGP0|#036d7cad-49e3-4a98-8821-efa704301d6d L0|#0036d7cad-49e3-4a98-8821-efa704301d6d|Exelon Generation GTSet|#bb697efb-4d63-4298-b4d0-ab279caf3fe8 GP0|#970bfe1a-1d48-4e09-9da5-d03d1c3d1f71 L0|#0970bfe1a-1d48-4e09-9da5-d03d1c3d1f71|Exelon NuclearGP0|#d7e6f36e-9b84-4e49-98fa-c96619ad9ddb L0|#0d7e6f36e-9b84-4e49-98fa-c96619ad9ddb|Limerick Generating Station GTSet|#e70f62ad-35ba-4371-ba87-92cfd51534bf GPP|#4d7c9375-bd40-43e0-94d5-223c43d19da5FalseFalseGP0|#6094434b-4f61-4542-8334-1ac1c98b9e7c L0|#06094434b-4f61-4542-8334-1ac1c98b9e7c|Production/Operations GTSet|#7712b39a-721e-4406-b3c9-bfbaaf3b9a98208770,<div id="textContent" class="readOnlyFrame"><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Exelon Nuclear, operator of the nation's largest fleet of nuclear generating facilities in the United States, is currently seeking qualified individuals interested in filling the position of <br>CANDIDATE-NUCLEAR EQUIPMENT OPERATOR for its Limerick Generating Station, located in Pottstown, PA.   </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">In this position, the successful candidate will be responsible for the following: The Equipment Operator is an entry level hands-on position within the Operations job family and leads to becoming a licensed Reactor Operator and Senior Reactor Operator (SRO).   An SRO license can lead to the highest management levels within the Nuclear Industry. <br>Individuals who are selected to fill these vacancies will enter one year of initial non-licensed operator training.   Once successfully completed, the candidate will assume shift duties on an operations team.   This is a shift work position, which requires mandatory rotating day and night shifts. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">NOTE: Applications without a resume will NOT be considered. Please upload a Word or PDF file as we cannot open wps</p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">The qualified candidate will be responsible for the following:<br>Regularly and customarily is responsible for the monitoring, control and operation of nuclear station equipment for the control room.   This includes the following, together with other related and incidental work. <br>1.   Starts, stops, controls and monitors nuclear reactor and auxiliary reactor systems, as required for plant operations, including taking manual control of equipment as conditions warrant.   Starts, stops, controls and monitors steam turbine, main generator and auxiliary turbine generating equipment as required to maintain maximum station capability, including taking manual control of equipment as conditions warrant. <br>2.   As directed, starts, stops, adjusts, tests and operates pumps, valves, switchgear, controls and other components. <br>3.   Monitors recorders and indicators within the control room for the nuclear and turbine generator systems for operations within prescribed limits.   Obtains overview data and performs various calculations as required by procedure. <br>4.   Responds to plant indicators and alarms in accordance with plant procedures including identifying those parameters that are indicative of an emergency condition and initiating designated actions. <br>5.   Performs operations in accordance with administrative procedures and NRC license including shift turnovers, log maintenance etc. <br>6.   Responds to and takes action as required in mitigating consequences of plant transient.   Required to be thoroughly familiar with entry conditions and cautions for the emergency operating procedure and the basis of each in the procedures.   Required to be familiar with the abnormal operating event procedures and system diagnostic and restoration procedures. <br>7.   Participate as a member of station fire brigade and will be required to function as a fire brigade leader. <br>8.   Assists Shift supervision in the performance of any and all of the duties involved in directing and coordinating the actions of the other personnel assigned to assist in the operation of the station. <br>9.   Responsible to identify and correct deficient conditions through the use of the station Corrective Action Program, initiating action request for material condition issues and submitting Procedure change requests. <br>10.   Initiates Emergency Pan in accordance with implementing procedure. <br>11.   Implements tagging and system out- of-service requests, including directing others to realign valves, rack out breakers and hang tags. <br>12.   During refueling of the reactor, manipulates controls, drives, etc. and observes nuclear and radiation monitoring instruments in accordance with procedural controls.   May be required to assist in refueling. <br>13.   Operates station communications equipment as required. <br>Individuals who are selected to fill these vacancies will enter one year of initial non-licensed operator training.   Once successfully completed, candidate will assume shift duties on an operations team.   This is a shift work position. <br>Preference for applicants who view this entry - level position as an opportunity to progress into license training for Reactor Operator or Senior Reactor Operator role. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p></div>