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Analyst, Retail PricingAnalyst, Retail PricingFalseFalse214981,<div dir="ltr" align="left"><strong>PRIMARY PURPOSE OF POSITION</strong> </div><br><div dir="ltr" align="left"><font size="2" face="Arial"><font size="2" face="Arial">The Analyst, Retail Pricing for the Northeast Region Pricing Desk is primarily responsible for:</font></font></div><font size="2" face="Arial"><font size="2" face="Arial"><br><ul><br><li>Support of pricing and structuring solutions with primary focus on Government Aggregation and Mass Market retail transactions that include standard and non-standard product opportunities. </li><br><li>Maintenance of analytical tools used in support of accurate pricing, tariff analysis and when required in support of operations. </li><br><li>Supporting the monitoring of markets, rules, tariffs and rates to ensure our electricity products remain accurate and competitive</li><br><li>First point of contact with internal customers for all Pricing related activity</li></ul> <br><div dir="ltr" align="left"><b> PRIMARY DUTIES AND ACCOUNTABILITIES</b>:</div><br><ul><br><li>Supports pricing strategies to meet customers� needs while providing a profit for the organization. </li><br><li>Implements and maintains pricing infrastructures such as Blend and Extends and Flip to Fixed</li><br><li>Evaluates effectiveness of pricing strategies and suggests modification of pricing structures as needed. </li><br><li>Provides reporting and documentation of pricing structures and serves as the point-of-contact for pricing inquiries from internal sales department. </li><br><li>Interface with Portfolio Management, Forecasting and Strategists personnel to understand and validate market curves and other pricing inputs and calculations</li><br><li>Continual communication with managers of all business lines including Geographic, Major Accounts, Public Sector and Indirect regarding results of pricing validations, market and regulatory changes and other pricing updates</li><br><li>Daily monitoring proposal process to ensure efficiency and appropriate inputs are being used resulting in accurate outputs</li><br><li>Perform and interpret results of quantitative analysis of customer load data. Assist in the management of customer load data and process of pricing requests for customers</li><br><li>Collaborate in the analysis and improve electricity products based on sales success or customer requests</li><br><li>Support development and implementation of retail electricity products</li><br><li>Support other functional groups such as Risk, Quantitative Analytics, Operations and Finance with regards to products and pricing</li><br><li>Collaborate in the analysis of impact due to market and regulatory changes into pricing and structuring of retail products; communicate to all internal customers� impact of changes </li><br><li>Work with internal groups on customer Post-deal calculations: ETPs, Assignments, COOs and others. </li><br><li>Collaborate in the development of the Pricing monthly scorecard. </li></ul></font></font>