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2019 PECO Summer College Internship2019 PECO Summer College InternshipFalseFalse214581,<div><font color="#222222" size="1" face="Arial">PECO Summer Internship 2019</font></div><br><div><font color="#222222" size="1" face="Arial"><font color="#222222" size="1" face="Arial">Locations in Pennsylvania including Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs<br><br>This is a temporary academic internship, 40 hours a week, flexible hours can be scheduled between 7 AM to 5:30 PM to reach 40 hours.   Pay is determined by major and year in school. Academic intern students are required to pass a drug test and background investigation. <br><br>Requirements:<br>1.   Must be actively enrolled in a college level program<br>2.   Strong skills in Microsoft Office Suite, including proficiency in Excel and Access. <br>3.   Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident and/or alien authorized to work in the US on an unlimited basis<br>4.   Minimum GPA Cumulative 2. 8/Major 3. 0</font></font></div><br><div><font color="#222222" size="1" face="Arial"> <font color="#222222" size="1" face="Arial"> </font></font></div><br><div><font color="#222222" size="1" face="Arial">Departments Include:</font></div><br><div><font color="#222222" size="1" face="Arial">1.   Government Affairs - Philadelphia</font></div><br><div><font color="#222222" size="1" face="Arial">2.   Marketing - Philadelphia</font></div><br><div><font color="#222222" size="1" face="Arial">3.   Large Account Services � Philadelphia</font></div><br><div><font color="#222222" size="1" face="Arial">4.   Engineering</font></div>