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Diversity & Culture

Diversity and inclusion is one key to our success. Companies have stronger collaboration and achieve better business performance from diverse groups of employees. In the crucial skill sets of problem solving, conflict resolution, vetting ideas and creativity, diversity always wins.

Exelon demonstrates its belief in diversity by:

  • Integrating diversity as a business imperative and core value
  • Attracting, retaining and advancing employees who will represent our customers, partners and communities
  • Providing a workplace that ensures we respect one another and that each of us has the opportunity to grow and contribute at our greatest potential.

Diversity and inclusion is the right thing to do, and a business imperative that benefits everyone from employees to customers to shareholders. It engages people, and enriches our relationships.

"At Exelon, we believe that we can deliver best on our commitments by having a diverse and inclusive team. Including diverse perspectives into our thinking leads to greater innovation, increased employee engagement and better solutions to take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges”

– Chris Crane, Exelon President and CEO


Exelon’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) support diversity and inclusion, bring us fresh insights and serve as a resource to the corporation and our employees. Employees initiate these company wide groups. They’re voluntary and welcoming to all. Current ERGs represent various communities including:

Exelon African-American Resource Alliance (EAARA) is an employee-driven organization supporting the recruitment, retention and professional development of African-American employees to give Exelon a competitive and strategic advantage.

Asian American Resource Group (AARG) is a bridge to the Asian American community within the Exelon family of companies and in the cities and towns we serve. It’s a resource that enables employee members to achieve their goals.

Developing Young Professionals (DYP) is a cross-functional organization that develops, connects and empowers employees. This group offers a wide range of opportunities for professional growth, networking and community service.

Eco-Team is a grassroots catalyst for sustained, carbon-reducing behavioral change. It supports environmental entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who want to implement innovative, cost-effective workplace solutions.

Exelon Pride is organized to provide support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees and allies, serving as a resource for employees, supervisors and the company’s HR professionals concerning issues affecting the LGBT community.

Organization of Latinos at Exelon (OLE) promotes Exelon's business goals, showcases the company as a place to work, and serves as a professional resource with networking opportunities, programs and internal as well as in-the-community-activities.

Exelon Militaries Actively Connected (E-MAC) advocates for the recruitment, retention and advancement of veterans. It supports veterans, families, employees who are military reservists, and reservists transitioning back to civilian life.

Exelon Network for Awareness Benefitting Leaders & Employees About Disabilities (ENABLED) raises awareness about differently-abled people, advocates for a physically inclusive environment and provides resources for employees with family members who have special needs.

Network of Exelon Women (NEW) highlights the enormous contributions women make at Exelon and throughout the energy industry. It provides support, information sharing and experiences that help them be even more successful.


Diversity and inclusion goals

Exelon developed a formal diversity and inclusion strategy in 2008. We build on it every day, with a culture that recognizes our similarities and embraces our differences.

Workforce: attract, develop and retain talent of diverse backgrounds that reflects the realities of our marketplace, our communities and the relevant labor market.

Workplace: create a culture of inclusion through sustained execution of the Exelon Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, including progress measurement and accountability for results.

Suppliers: achieve a diverse range of suppliers, vendors and service providers.

Communities: ensure significant reach and presence in a strategic core group of diverse, community-based organizations (CBOs).

Leadership: be recognized as a diversity and inclusion leader by employees, local, regional, and national thought leaders, and the communities we serve.

Committing to diversity and inclusion is the right thing to do from both a business and a moral sense. It’s why Exelon is leading the industry in equal pay and family leave. At our 2017 Innovation Expo, Maggie Fitzpatrick, SVP of Corporate Affairs, reflected on the inclusive values Exelon puts into action every day. Watch why we want our employees to be free to be themselves at work.


Diversity & Inclusion Report

The more diverse we are, the stronger we are. Learn more about Exelon’s performance in this vital area.

Corporate Sustainability Report

Learn more about our diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives in our Sustainability Report.

Global Reporting Initiative

Exelon uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index to report economic, environmental and social performance.


Exelon's diversity and inclusion strategy has been advanced by enthusiastic engagement by both company leadership and employees. We're proud of our record and the recognition we've received.​



Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law Benchmark Award 2014GP0|#e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd L0|#0e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd|Diversity GTSet|#6105f392-f940-436d-9417-53b1e2a41f1d of Women’s Initiatives in Law Benchmark Award 2014​The Coalition of Women’s Initiatives recognized Exelon’s legal department with the Benchmark Award, which honors a law firm or corporate legal department that has demonstrated passion for and commitment to the advancement of women’s issues in the legal profession.​
Black Enterprise’s “50 Best Companies for Diversity” 2007-2009, 2011-2012, 2014-2015, 2018<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/40%20Best.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd L0|#0e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd|Diversity GTSet|#6105f392-f940-436d-9417-53b1e2a41f1d Enterprise’s “50 Best Companies for Diversity” 2007-2009, 2011-2012, 2014-2015, 2018​​Black Enterprise magazine named Exelon to its list of the 50 Best Companies for Diversity. Exelon distinguished itself in the areas of employee base, senior management, board of directors and supplier diversity.
Minority Corporate Counsel Association George B. Vashon Innovator Award 2015<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/Minority%20Corporate.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd L0|#0e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd|Diversity GTSet|#6105f392-f940-436d-9417-53b1e2a41f1d Corporate Counsel Association George B. Vashon Innovator Award 2015​​This award recognizes recipients for their commitment to expanding diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. Exelon was honored for its legal pipeline program to shape young minds and engage diverse law students in an educational and interactive discussion on legal issues impacting the energy industry, the role of the legal department at Exelon and the importa​nce of diversity and inclusion in general.
Historically Black Engineering Schools Top Supporter 2013 - 2017<img alt="" height="175" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/Awards/AllItems/Top%20Supporters_Silver_NEW_Logo_2017FINAL2.jpg" width="160" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd L0|#0e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd|Diversity GTSet|#6105f392-f940-436d-9417-53b1e2a41f1d Black Engineering Schools Top Supporter 2013 - 2017​​Exelon was recognized as a top corporate supporter of the nation’s historically black engineering programs. Corporations and government organizations were honored for their work to promote diversity in the science, technology, engineering and math field​​s based on surveys to the 15 ABET-accredited, historically Black college and university (HBCU)engineering program deans and the corporate-academic alliance, Advancing Minorities’ Interest in Engineering (AMIE).
Black EOE Journal’s Top Energy Employer 2013<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/black%20journal.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd L0|#0e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd|Diversity GTSet|#6105f392-f940-436d-9417-53b1e2a41f1d EOE Journal’s Top Energy Employer 2013Black EOE Journal named Exelon a top diverse employer in the energy, gas and oil industry for its corporate diversity and inclusion efforts and policies in the workplace.
Disability Employer Seal of Approval 2016<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/Awards/AllItems/NOD%202016.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#f2421739-4f04-488f-9537-f01a1a6774fc L0|#0f2421739-4f04-488f-9537-f01a1a6774fc|Company GTSet|#bcddf5a1-9bfb-4c90-935d-59a859187775 GP0|#c75439c2-5220-4943-81cd-d543ed778151 L0|#0c75439c2-5220-4943-81cd-d543ed778151|People & Culture GP0|#bbaa8334-8566-47af-be98-08e5886ab97d L0|#0bbaa8334-8566-47af-be98-08e5886ab97d|PerformanceGP0|#e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd L0|#0e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd|Diversity GTSet|#6105f392-f940-436d-9417-53b1e2a41f1d Employer Seal of Approval 2016<p>​Leading with an inclusive workplace, Exelon was recognized by the National Organization on Disability (NOD) with the inaugural Disability Employer Seal of Approval. The organization gave the honor to only 27 employers, who are leaders in disability inclusion, and Exelon is also one of the 13 members of NOD CEO Council President’s Circle.​</p>