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Effective business partnerships

Exelon Supply is committed to helping our company partners define new ways of doing business by providing seamless and transparent Supply Chain solutions to support Exelon's business strategies. We welcome suppliers who can help us meet our daily demands, future requirements, support our emergency response efforts, and provide quality goods and services to meet the overall needs of our organization.

Our suppliers must accommodate Exelon’s diverse business needs to support our generation, delivery and marketing and business services organizations. Suppliers must provide innovative technical solutions that leverage our $3 billion spent in materials and services.

As we seek to enhance our relationship with our premier suppliers, we also look for opportunities to build partnerships with new suppliers who are environmentally responsible, with a keen focus on safety, diversity and superior quality.

Green Supply Chain

Exelon Supply is committed to the environment. We were the first U.S.-based utility to join the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration. As part of Exelon 2020 strategy, we are asking our top suppliers to voluntarily disclose their GHG emissions and energy consumption.

As one of the founders of the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance, Exelon is working to improve environmental performance in electric utility industry supply chains. This includes the development of voluntary, consensus-based standards for evaluating the environmental attributes of key materials and services provided to the electric utility industry.

Supplier Diversity

Our Supplier Diversity Program is designed to engage certified women, minority and other businesses with recognized diversity classifications in the economic activities of the company.

Culture of safety

Exelon is committed to assuring safety at all times, and our corporate policy fosters a culture of safety. We are fully committed to the highest safety standards in all aspects of our business and we operate in a manner that protects the safety and health of our employees, contractors, customers and the general public.

Our Corporate Policy dictates both intent and implementation to ensure a safety culture designed to achieve an accident, injury and illness-free workplace.

Doing Business with Exelon
We ask all suppliers and potential suppliers to register, providing us with information on their company to allow us a better understanding of the nature and scope of the goods and services sold.
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