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Answering suppliers’ questions on invoicing and payments

Exelon is committed to efficiencies in all areas of business.

Payment terms will begin when the invoice is received in Accounts Payable including the required information regardless of how it is submitted, manually or electronically (EDI or Web Commerce.)  Please do not submit multiple copies of the same invoice unless requested by an Exelon employee.  Multiple copies of the same invoice will delay the payment process if they were not requested.

Please allow 3-5 business days after submitting an invoice before making an inquiry.

Invoice Inquiries

Exelon Accounts Payable (AP)  online invoice inquiries: is the first point-of-contact for invoice inquiries which are updated daily.

To check the status of a processed invoice online, you will need to provide two of the following three criteria: 

  •  Invoice number
  •  Date of invoice
  •  Amount of invoice

Invoice Requirements

Invoices not including the required information will be returned to the vendor and will require the vendor to resubmit a corrected invoice.  The minimum requirements for payment of non-electronic invoices (i.e. not using EDI or Web Commerce ) are:

  • The top portion of each invoice should clearly label and display the following:
    • Purchase Order # or Contract #
    • Release # (where applicable)
    • CPA # (where applicable)
    • Unique Invoice #
    • Dollar Amount
  • Each invoice should include only one Purchase Order # or Contract #, and Release #. Summary invoices will be rejected.
  • Invoicing must be consistent with the Purchase Order setup. For example: If the Purchase Order is setup with a unit of measure of feet (FT), it is required that the invoice bills in FT (vs. each or EA).

Alternatives for Submitting Invoices

There are two ways to submit a hardcopy invoice to Accounts Payable:

  1. The preferred method is to email invoices to
  2. Mailing invoices to the post office box displayed on the Purchase Order or Contract is an alternative.

Electronic Invoicing Bypass Process [PDF 28.6 KB]Instructions for Exelon’s Invoice Bypassing process and rules that apply to those vendors who submit invoices electronically. “Electronic Invoices” refers to invoices submitted via Direct EDI, Web Commerce, and/or the Contract Invoice Automation (CIA) tool. PDFPDFs require software like the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed properly.

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Common Invoicing Questions

Q: Can I submit an invoice electronically through Web Commerce or EDI for special charges only (freight, tax, document charges) after I have already invoiced for all of the line items?

A:  No. You should scan and email the invoice with a  request of an EDI Invoice Bypass to eBusiness Support.

Q: How do I invoice Exelon for purchase orders that were never received electronically via EDI or the Web Commerce tool?

A: When you first begin using Electronic Invoicing (Web Commerce or EDI), you may have outstanding purchase orders with Exelon that were not communicated electronically.  Also, in some rare cases a purchase order may not be sent via Web Commerce.  In either event, we recommend that you scan and email invoices to eBusiness Support.

Q: Can I submit a credit invoice using Electronic Invoicing (EDI or Web Commerce)?

A: No. Credit invoices for either of these methods should be submitted by scanning and emailing your invoice to A/P Invoices.

Q: How do I process invoices against Contracts as opposed to PO’s?

A: While we have recently begun to automate this process with some of our suppliers, unless directed these invoices need to be submitted manually to Accounts Payable via email or U.S. Mail to the post office box displayed on the Purchase Order or Contract.

Payment Questions

Q:  How do I determine what the ACH payment is for if no details are provided?
A:  Please contact your bank as they will be able to provide the detail behind your payment.

Q:  Can I pick up my check?
A:  No.  This is not an option as checks are generated off-site.

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