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Kansas Wind

Exelon Generation has two wind projects in Kansas.  The two wind projects are capable of producing 116.5 megawatts (MW) of clean electricity.

Kansas Wind Projects
Greensburg Wind Project

Greensburg Wind Project

Greensburg Wind Project is located southwest of Greensburg in Kiowa County, Kansas. Greensburg Wind Project went into commercial operation in March 2010 and its 10 turbines are capable of producing 12.5 MW, enough clean electricity to power approximately 4,000 homes. Kansas Power Pool purchases energy from the project under a long-term power purchase agreement.

Kiowa County, Kansas 
Shooting Star Wind Project

Shooting Star Wind Project

Shooting Star Wind Project is 104 MW wind project in Kiowa County, Kansas. It went into commerical operation in September 2012. Mid-Kansas Electric Company has a 20-year agreement to purchase 100% of the output from the Shooting Star Wind Project.

Kiowa County, Kansas 

Generating More Low-Carbon Electricity

Exelon Wind was developed as part of our efforts to provide more low-carbon electricity in the marketplace through our environmental and business strategy: Exelon 2020.  A division of Exelon Power, Exelon Wind has wind projects in 10 states.

Emergency Planning

All Exelon facilities employ sophisticated emergency response plans to protect public health and safety.  These plans are reviewed and approved by state governments and regulatory agencies.  The emergency planning includes coordination with local counties, municipalities and school districts.

Supporting the Local Economy

Exelon Wind pays local real estate taxes totaling about $6.2 million every year to support county and township government, area schools, libraries, park districts and other taxing bodies where our plants are located.

Vice President, Wind and Solar, Exelon Power: David A. Drescher

Exelon Wind
Three Fountains Office Park 4601 Westown Parkway, Suite 300
West Des Moines, Iowa

  • Number of wind projects in state: 2
  • Total number of wind turbines in state: 75
  • Total wind generation capacity in state: 116.5 MW
Exelon Wind - Kansas