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Eddystone Generating Station

Eddystone Generating Station

Eddystone Generating Station is operated by Exelon Power, a business unit of Exelon Generation. It is a six unit fossil power plant, located on the Delaware River in Eddystone, Pennsylvania, just south of Philadelphia.

Eddystone Unit 3 and Unit 4, each 380 megawatts (MW), are subcritical steam boiler-turbine generator units that run on either natural gas or No. 6 oil based on market pricing.  Unit 3 and Unit 4 came online in 1974 and 1976, respectively.  Eddystone also has 4 combustion turbines that supply power during peak demand periods. Units 10 and 20 and 30 and 40 are pairs of units that were installed in 1967 and 1970, respectively.

Construction of Eddystone began in the mid-1950s, with the now-retired Units 1 and 2 coming online in 1960.  Unit 1 and Unit 2 were both supercritical steam boiler-turbine generator units that operated on coal.  Unit 1 was retired from service in 2011 and Unit 2 was retired in 2012.

Emergency Planning

All Exelon facilities employ sophisticated emergency response plans to protect public health and safety. These plans are reviewed and approved by state governments and regulatory agencies. The emergency planning includes coordination with local counties, municipalities and school districts.

Supporting the Local Economy

Eddystone has about 172 Exelon employees.   The station’s annual payroll is about $20 million.

Community Involvement

Eddystone aims to be a good neighbor and is very active in the local community.

  • Sponsorship.  The power plant sponsors several community events including the Eddystone Memorial Day Parade and the Walk for the Wounded.
  • Charitable Giving & Volunteering.   Eddystone employees give generously to the community through a variety of charitable activities including the local United Way chapters and the Katie Kerlin Fund.

Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Region, Exelon Power: Bill Swahl

Peaking Division General Manager: Bryan Bennett

#1 Industrial Highway
Eddystone, Pennsylvania

  • Number of units: 6; 2 natural gas or oil, 4 oil
  • Capacity: 820 MW
Eddystone Generating Station