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The downloads and links below provide more information about Limerick Generating Station and the industry.

Limerick Fact Sheets

Limerick Generating Station [PDF, 100 KB] Limerick safely produces enough electricity for two million homes each year.

Environment [PDF, 103 KB] Limerick has an extensive environmental management program to achieve environmental excellence.

The NRC License Renewal Process [PDF, 110 KB] Limerick must pass a rigorous process for the plant to receive license renewal.

Used Fuel [PDF, 106 KB] Limerick safely stores its used fuel in a used fuel pool and in dry cask storage.

Training Our Employees [PDF, 85 KB] Limerick's operations and maintenance and technical training programs are accredited by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO).

Emergency Preparedness [PDF, 119 KB] Limerick employs a sophisticated emergency response plan to protect public health and safety.

Plant Security [PDF, 77 KB] Limerick has a well-armed and highly-trained paramilitary security force that is routinely drilled and tested.

Supporting the Community [PDF, 97 KB] Limerick and its employees are committed to being good neighbors.

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