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Clean, Safe, Reliable and Affordable

Offering more low-carbon electricity in the marketplace is a critical element of Exelon 2020. We’re optimizing our systems to maximize competitively-priced, low-carbon generation that can displace higher-emitting fossil generation and help to transition America to clean, safe, reliable and affordable electricity.

Exelon offers more low-carbon electricity in the marketplace than any other power producer in the nation.  In 2012, more than 81% of our generation output was low-carbon nuclear energy, complemented by a growing portfolio of carefully selected solar, wind and hydroelectric generation.  The foundation of our corporate strategy is to focus on safety of operations, clean generation, reliability of supply and affordability for our customers.  In balancing these elements, we strive to lead the United States to a low-carbon energy future.   

Exelon 2020 in Action

We are committed to offering more low-carbon electricity in the marketplace by increasing the output of our nuclear fleet, investing in other low-emission energy generation and reducing the reliance on fossil generation.  Our progress includes:

Focus on Safety
In response to the nuclear situation in Japan, an extensive review concerning the safety of U.S. nuclear plants is underway. Initial assessments have concluded that Exelon’s plants are adequately designed to withstand earthquakes, floods, and other events. To learn more about the incident in Japan and the US Nuclear industry’s response, visit:

Reliable, Low-Carbon Nuclear

  • Nuclear energy has an integral role in supporting our economy; it delivers safe, clean and affordable energy and emits virtually no greenhouse gases. In 2012, Exelon achieved a 92.7% capacity factor at Exelon-operated nuclear plants, generating 139 million megawatt hours, and avoiding more than 123 million mtCO2e in the process.

Increasing Efficiency of Fossil Generation

  • Exelon continues to retire older, inefficient fossil-fuel generating capacity such as generating units at Cromby and Eddystone in 2012 and Schuylkill in 2013.
  • We are continuing to maintain the quick-starting fossil generation capability within our fleet through the acquisition of cleaner, more efficient natural gas-fired combined-cycle generation stations.  These sites can support smoothing the sporadic availability of renewables on the grid.  Natural gas emits 80% less sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, and 55% less carbon dioxide than coal, with no mercury or particulate emissions.

Increasing Renewable Energy

  • Since 2010 Exelon has invested more than $3 billion in renewable projects.  This included six wind projects, adding 404 MW and making Exelon the 11th largest owner/operator of wind power in the U.S. We will add 230 MW of solar to our portfolio through continued development at Antelope Valley Solar Ranch One.
Low-Carbon Electricity