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Helping our customers and communities

As part of Exelon 2020, our three-pronged GHG abatement program, we are helping our customers and the communities we serve reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  We educate, encourage action and provide opportunities for real-time engagement with the issues of climate change.

Continually in the top quartile among the nation’s utilities for customer energy savings.

Exelon 2020 in Action

Many initiatives are underway to help our retail customers and the communities we serve reduce their carbon footprint, including:

  • Solutions for Homeowners: appliance recycling, rebate programs, lighting discounts, natural gas conversions, and demand response options to reduce load at peak hours.
  • Solutions for Businesses: Equipment incentives, smart construction incentives, air conditioning management programs, fleet vehicle rebates and incentives, natural gas conversions.

Exelon continues to make significant strides towards our original goal to abate 17.5 million metric tonnes of GHG emissions per year under the company's Exelon 2020 goal.

Investing in New Technology

Beyond energy efficiency, Exelon's utilities have made enormous strides in the implementation of new technology, which is the first piece of a broader vision.

  • ComEd’s Advanced Metering Deployment Plan calls for the installation of over 4 million smart meters between 2015 and 2021. The efficiencies gained through this program are estimated to save customers $2.3 billion over 20 years.
  • PECO began replacing its current electric meters with newer metering technology in 2012. These new meters will help provide more information to customers to help them understand how they use energy, and how to save energy and money.  The company installed 600,000 meters by June 2013, and will complete the installation of 1.2 million remaining meters by the end of 2014. A portion of this investment will be offset by a $200 million grant from the Department of Energy.
  • BGE began equipping 1.2 million residential and small commercial customers with smart meters in 2012, with an investment of approximately $480 million to be offset, in part by a $200 million grant from the Department of Energy.
Sustainable Solutions

Constellation Logo

  • Constellation's Projects & Services Group is working with commercial, industrial and institutional customers to reduce their energy footprints by tackling the problem of aging, inefficient infrastructure.
  • BGE Home’s Energy Auditors conduct extensive, whole-house examinations to identify ways to help customers make their homes more energy efficient.

Expanding Clean Energy Product and Service Offerings

Constellation is an industry-leading retail unit, which provides an array of innovative energy products and services in competitive energy markets nationwide.  As part of Exelon 2020, we are expanding the range of green products and services offered to wholesale and retail customers.    Our breadth of product offerings is unique in the marketplace, as our unified business model enables us to bundle and customize services in ways that help customers develop and achieve comprehensive energy management strategies and meet sustainability goals.

  • Retail Services. Constellation serves more than 100,000 commercial customers across the United States and in Canada and nearly one million residential customers.  Retail services extend to both electricity and natural gas. 
  • Efficiency Made Easy (EME). EME bundles commodity electricity purchases with energy conservation measures to reduce overall energy use for commercial customers, with no up-front capital expenditure.
  • Load Response Programs. Constellation’s load response programs allow commercial, industrial and large public sector customers — particularly those with considerable load demands — to earn payments for voluntarily reducing electricity consumption during periods of peak demand, when power tends to be more expensive.
  • Distributed Solar Generation. Constellation is a leading provider of solar installations and has sited dozens of commercial, industrial and governmental customer solar arrays.
  • Renewable Energy Credits.  Constellation sources RECs for customers seeking renewable energy alternatives.
  • Emissions Free Enegy Certificates (EFECs).  EFECs are competitive alternatives to Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in the voluntary marketplace. Exelon Generation’s fleet of nuclear generating plants is the primary source for EFECs.  

Investing in Customer Energy-Efficiency Programs

All three utilities have worked to manage compliance with their states’ respective legislative requirements for Renewable Portfolio Standards, including working with state agencies on initial program implementation details and entering into multi-year supply contracts. Compliance with these standards helps to value renewable energies in the market, which ultimately supports the expansion and development of these generating sources.

Customer Programs