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Diverse mix of power plants

Exelon Generation is one of the nation's leading competitive power generators, with owned generating assets totaling more than 32,000 megawatts. With strong positions in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Texas, Exelon is the largest owner and operator of nuclear plants in the United States and maintains a growing renewable energy development business headquartered in Baltimore.

The Exelon Generation portfolio is unique in its diversity of geography, markets, fuels and technologies and includes:

  • Nation’s largest commercial nuclear fleet, which ensures dependable low-carbon baseload (around-the-clock) power supply
  • Wide range of company-owned fossil, hydroelectric and renewable facilities, to diversify our fuel mix and help meet peak demand periods
2013 Exelon Portfolio - Total Generation Capacity
Landfill Gas

Exelon Generation is heavily invested in low-carbon nuclear energy, operating the largest nuclear fleet in the nation.

  • With 23 reactors at 14 facilities located in Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, Exelon Generation produces enough clean-air nuclear energy to power millions of homes.
  • Nuclear power plants emit virtually no greenhouse gases and supply about 20 percent of the nation’s electricity needs.

Exelon Generation owns Conowingo Hydroelectric Generating Station and the Muddy Run Pumped Storage Facility which together produce more than 1,600 MW of hydroelectric power.  

  • Water flow from the Susquehanna River powers Conowingo’s 11 turbine generators, which produce 572 MW - enough energy to power more than 400,000 homes.
  • Muddy Run pumps water into a reservoir during off-peak hours and uses that water to generate electricity during peak demand hours. The facility produces over 1,000 MW.

Exelon Generation owns and operates solar energy facilities in California and Illinois.

  • Exelon City Solar is a 10 MW solar installation located on a 41-acre brownfield in Chicago’s West Pullman neighborhood. It captures the sun’s rays and converts them into 14,000 megawatt-hours of electricity per year. The facility was completed in 2010.
  • Antelope Valley Solar Ranch One is a 230 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) project in northern Los Angeles County, Calif. AV Solar Ranch One is one of the largest PV solar projects in the world with approximately 3.8 million solar panels.
  • Exelon also has an ownership interest in California's Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS) IV, V and VI, which is equivalent to 8 MW. 

Exelon Generation owns and operates 46 wind projects that in total are capable of generating more than 1,300 MW. 

  • Exelon Generation’s owned and operated wind projects are located in 10 states. 
  • The first commercial wind project constructed by Exelon Generation, Michigan Wind 2, went online in Jan. 2012.  Since then, Exelon Generation has constructed eight additional wind projects.

Exelon Generation owns a landfill gas power plant located in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia.

  • Fairless Hills Generating Station in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania has 2 units that use landfill gas from 2 local landfills as its primary fuel source to produce 60 MW of electricity inside the USX Industrial Complex.

Exelon Generation’s fossil portfolio consists of nearly 9,500 MW of capacity produced by coal, oil and natural gas power plants.

  • Its baseload, intermediate and peaking plants, which are needed only during periods of peak demand, are located in Alabama, California, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, MassachusettsPennsylvaniaTexas, Utah and Alberta, Canada.

Generation Operating Companies

Exelon Generation is comprised of two primary business units—Exelon Nuclear and Exelon Power.

  • Exelon Nuclear operates the largest fleet of nuclear power plants in the nation.
  • Exelon Power is responsible for managing, operating, and maintaining the company’s fossil (natural gas, oil and coal) renewable (landfill gas, wind and solar) and hydroelectric fleet of generating assets.  Exelon Power can provide more than 12,500 MW of safe, efficient and environmentally responsible baseload, intermediate and peak power generation.

Exelon Generation’s environmental vision mirrors that of its parent company, Exelon, to constantly improve our environmental performance. All operating companies are committed to setting measurable goals, achieving credible results and implementing cost-effective environmental improvements.


At Exelon, our goals are to capitalize on environmental leadership and low-carbon nuclear energy and to run our nuclear fleet at world-class levels. Exelon Generation’s operating excellence is central to our continuing success.

  • Optimizing Clean-Air Generation: In 2014, Exelon’s nuclear fleet achieved an average capacity factor of 93.4% and generated more than 150 million net megawatt-hours of electricity while emitting virtually no greenhouse gases (GHG). 
  • Investing in Reliable Operations: Exelon Power’s fleet of fossil, renewable and hydroelectric units in 16 states provided over 44 million MWh of  generation in 2013.

Exelon Generation Fact Sheet [PDF, 28.28 KB]Exelon Generation has one of the nation’s largest portfolios of electricity generation capacity with access to more than 31,000 MW of owned and contracted electricity. PDFPDFs require software like the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed properly.

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All Exelon facilities employ sophisticated emergency response plans to protect public health and safety. These plans are reviewed and approved by state governments and federal agencies such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The emergency planning includes coordination with local counties, municipalities and school districts.

Nuclear Plant Safety [PDF, 40 KB]Exelon’s nuclear power plants are designed to withstand extreme environmental hazards, including floods and earthquakes. 
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Community Investment

Our power plants aim to be good neighbors within their local communities with active involvement through sponsorships, charitable giving and volunteering. They sponsor local events to support the environment, education, the arts and diversity. We encourage our employees to give back to their communities and we recognize their efforts through various programs such as matched gifts and volunteer grants to the organizations they serve.