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Using landfill gas to generate electricity

Exelon Generation, through its subsidiary Exelon Power, owns and operates one of the largest landfill gas facilities in the country. The facility is an environmentally-friendly form of power generation that utilizes landfill gas to generate electricity.

Environmental Commitment
As part of Exelon 2020, Exelon hosts a Renewable Energy Education Center at Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania.  Opened in October 2008, the education center features a variety of interactive exhibits to spark students’ interest in how electricity is created using landfill gas, the sun, wind and water.

Landfill Gas Investment

Utilizing landfill gas to generate electricity has less environmental impact than burning fossil fuels plus the added benefit of capturing an energy source that otherwise would have gone to waste.

  • In 1997, Exelon Power converted an oil-fired plant in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania that was designed in the 1950s into a clean-operating and reliable landfill gas-fired power plant. 
    • The project resulted in the creation of the second-largest landfill gas generating station in the U.S.  The 2-unit power plant now has the capacity to produce up to 60 MW of electricity by consuming the landfill gas that Waste Management produces at its nearby Tullytown and Grows landfills.  It also contributes to Exelon’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target by displacing GHG emissions of electricity that otherwise would have been emitted by fossil power plants to meet demand.
  • Exelon Power also operates the 6-MW Pennsbury landfill gas plant in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Safety and Performance

  • All Exelon facilities employ sophisticated emergency response plans to protect public health and safety. These plans are reviewed and approved by state governments and regulatory agencies. The emergency planning includes coordination with local counties, municipalities and school districts.
  • In the last 5 years, Fairless Hills landfill gas power plant has increased generation capacity by over 40%.


Giving back. Our power plants aim to be good neighbors within their local communities with active involvement through sponsorships, charitable giving and volunteering focusing on the environment, education, the arts and diversity. We encourage our employees to give back to their communities and we recognize their efforts through various programs.

Landfill Gas Plants

Fairless Hills Steam Generating Station

Fairless Hills Steam Generating Station

Fairless Hills Generating Station is a 2-unit, 60-MW station located inside the USX Fairless Works Facility in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. Fairless Hills uses landfill gas from Waste Management’s Tullytown and Grows landfills as its primary fuel source.

990 Steel Road South
Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania 19030

Pennsbury Generating Station

Pennsbury Generating Station is a 2-unit, 6-megawatt landfill gas power plant located in Falls Township, Pennsylvania.

350 Pennsbury Rd.
Morrisville, Pennsylvania 19067

Exelon Power [PDF | 94 KB]Exelon Power is the business unit within Exelon Generation Company, LLC that is responsible for managing, operating, and maintaining the company’s fossil (coal, oil, and natural gas), landfill gas, hydro, wind and solar-powered fleet of generating assets PDFPDFs require software like the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed properly.

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Landfill Gas